Galaxy Wars goes FREE!!!

30/09/2013 14:37:53
Greetings Commanders!!!   We are proud to announce that from today Galaxy Wars is a totally free to play game. This means that you can now start playing multiplayer matches with no further restrictions for both old and new players.    This was a long thought decision that comes primarily to deliver a better experience with the game: Galaxy Wars was designed first and foremo... continua »

Galaxy Wars summer patch available!!!

05/09/2013 15:31:28
Greetings Commanders,   you can finally download the first patch for Galaxy Wars where you will find a completly redesigned ships, plus a new ship model for each faction. Remember: it's very important to know your fleets!!! Besides the patch will fix some bugs and other issues for a more polished and entertaining experience!   We would like to remember you that the patch is free to d... continua »

Know Your Fleets: Level 6 ships announced!!!

19/07/2013 14:32:03
Greetings Commanders!   As you know we are putting in a lot of effort to improve Galaxy Wars, we have already announced a complete remake of the ships as well as other fixes and corrections.    Other than that, we are pleased to announce that in the up and coming patch you will find a completely new tier of Spaceships, this means one new ship for each faction. These huge ships w... continua »

Kenos Spaceships Concept Art Reveal!!!

12/06/2013 17:09:47
Greetings Commanders!   Here we are with the last part of our "weekly concept art reveal". We would like to remember you that these gorgeous new ships will be available soon into the game for free!!! Take a look to the awesome Kenos fleet.   The technology behind Kenos spaceships is something that only few people in the galaxy know of. It seems that the God Emperor of Kenos... continua »

Gen'yx Concept Art Reveal!!!

06/06/2013 14:00:47
Greetings Commanders!
Today we are pleased to reveal Gen'yx fleet Concept Art!

Gen'yx space ships are extremely advanced pieces of hardware, the highest and purest implementation of the "Humantech", a superior technology developed as a countermeasure against the overwhelming forces of the So-Zait federation. A single Gen'yx ship is a real threat: equipped with deadly weapons, is built to achieve the enemy's total annihilation.

continua »
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