EVE Online Beginner’s Guide

When you first start up EVE Online, it can be quite intimidating, trust me, I know. There are just so many things popping up everywhere, so many paths to take, that you just don’t know what to do next. Therefore, we decided we’d make a short and sweet guide for an absolute beginner in EVE Online.

Your first time in EVE Online

When you jump into the game, you’ll first have to pass a short tutorial. After you’ve done so, the game directs you to the career agents. We suggest that you finish the missions they offer, just to make sense of the game’s mechanics. You’ll also get a small amount of ISK (EVE Online’s currency) as a reward. When you’re done with these missions, the real game begins.

This guide is all about making your life a little bit easier when it comes to figuring out EVE’s mechanics and systems. That is why we won’t drag this out, and let you figure out some things for yourself. We’re covering the basics here.

EVE Online (guide)
EVE Online

The great thing about EVE Online is that the game does not force linear progression. That means that you can pursue a career path and if you get bored, you can just switch up your career without any consequences.


Running missions for agents is something most new players choose to do first. There are a few different categories, which all offer different styles of gameplay. You should already be familiar with basics of missions after running the few for agents at the beginning.

Mission running is good for getting your first chunk of ISK, just enough to develop new skills and better ships.

When you first start running missions, you can only do level 1 missions. To find the agents that offer missions, you can use the NeoCom > Agency tab > Agents. You can then filter by region, corporation, faction, division and level.

Ore mining

What quite a number of players like to do in EVE Online, is to begin with mining the ore belts. This path is best suited if you wish to focus on gathering resources, manufacturing, and researching. This style is also kind of hands-free, meaning that you don’t need to fully focus on what’s going on around you at all times.

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