Factorio, similar to Rimworld, but not quite

We already talked about Rimworld, a 2D resource management space RTS. But Factorio, while being very similar to Rimworld, is different in many aspects. It’s a construction and management simulation game. Factorio is still in its early access phase, being crowdfunded by Steam Early Access and Indiegogo.

Factorio’s unique automatization focused gameplay

The game follows a person (you) who crash-landed on an alien planet. Your objective is to harvest resources and create an industry to build a rocket. However, as an open-world game, the story does not necessarily end when you reach the end of the game.

Factorio, being a construction + management video game, it’s focused on gathering resources with RTS (Real-Time Strategy) and Survival game elements. You survive by exploring the unknown world searching for resources, which you then use to craft tools and machines. First, you can only create certain primitive-like tools. However, as you progress through the game and discover other materials, you can craft machines, which in turn produce even more complex and modern materials, and so on. The game progresses as you continue to build and manage your automated “factory”. Factorio is mostly based around automating all processes. For example, you can build a machine that mines an ore, connected to a conveyor belt, which transports the ore to a storage facility, etc.

Factorio Gameplay
Factorio Gameplay

A big part of Factorio is also technology research, which allows you to eventually create new items, structures, and upgrades. Starting with basic automation process, and eventually leading up to oil refineries, robots, and even power armor.

Unknown and dangerous planet in Factorio

You should always be on the lookout in Factorio. The alien planet you’re on is infested with planet’s indigenous fauna, known as “Biters”. They become increasingly hostile as you expand your factory. This means that you need to pay attention while expanding because the bigger your base is, the more Biters it will attract. You can utilize defensive turrets, tanks and other similar weapons to eliminate Biters. But along with your progression, the enemies also become more dangerous and harder to defeat, with larger health pools and faster movement speeds.

Factorio is a very fun game to play when you’ve got a couple of friends you can build a base with. By default, all players on the server share technologies, but this can be changed by the server’s host. Players can also share construction blueprints with other players on the server, via a public blueprint library.

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