Terran Guide and Early Game in Starcraft 2

In this guide, we will go over a couple of Terran build orders and strategies typically used by Terran players. This guide will include structures you need to build and units you need to train.

Reaper rush in early game

First of all, what is a Reaper unit? Reaper is a relatively cheap Terran unit with high speed and the ability to jump up and down the cliffs. That’s why it’s perfect for early game focused builds. This tactic is used by Terran players in an effort to harass their opponent in the early game. It’s best used with 3+ Reaper units. Your goal here is to send your Reapers to your opponent’s base and disrupt their economy. This is achieved by taking out their workers while they’re mining. What’s so good about this tactic is that it has the potential of ending the game quickly if your opponent doesn’t counter you. However, don’t forget to continue training units and building structures while harassing with Reapers.


Each starting base in Starcraft 2 has only one entrance, surrounded by cliffs. Usually, what Terran players do, is they use Supply Depots and Barracks/Bunkers to wall-off this entrance, effectively preventing their opponent using workers to scout their base. In addition, if you’re using bunker, you can place a few marines inside and kill off incoming scouts. What you would also need to do, is bring few SCVs (Terran workers) to repair the structures in case they get damaged.

Early Game Banshees

This is also a tactic primarily used to harass the opponent. This build has the potential to end the game quickly if your opponent is not ready. Banshees are air units that have the special ability to cloak (stealth). If the opponent doesn’t have stealth detecting units in the early game, they will be caught completely off guard. What you need to do is build Barracks with Tech Lab attachment. Right after that, you build the Factory and Starport (Banshee training structure). Once your Starport is built, raise it up and switch with Barracks. Now Starport will be able to effectively use Tech Lab’s upgrades, which Cloaking Field is a part of.

Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran
Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran


These are just a couple of strategies commonly used by Terran players. Some of the other ones are “Unit Drops”, “Thor Shields”, “Siege Tank Positionings”, etc. Each of these strategies work for different players. Maybe you’re a kind of player that enjoys training a bunch of Marines and Medivacs and using this huge force to obliterate your opponent. But maybe you prefer building up a mech army consisting of Thors, Siege Tanks, Banshees and Vikings. It’s all up to player’s preference and at the end of the day, you should play what you enjoy, as long as you keep wining the games.

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