Starcraft 2 Protoss Guide

In our Starcraft 2 Protoss guide, we cover all aspects of the race in-depth. In this guide, we have prepared a deeper look into mechanics of this faction, as well as few popular strategies.

Protoss Structures

Most players agree that the Protoss race has the most effective method for adding on new structures. While Zerg and Terran factions are able to use their workers to build a single structure at a time, Protoss players are able to construct as many buildings as they can afford simultaneously with a single Probe (Protoss worker).

The only catch to building is that all structures must be placed within range of a “power field”. Power Fields are generated by Pylons, which also increase your supply cap, so it’s not that inconvenient to send a Probe to build a couple of them. However, if Pylons that power up the buildings nearby are destroyed, the buildings will remain non-functional until another Pylon is built nearby.

Protoss Units

There are three primary things that make Protoss units unique. First and most important is the plasma shield, typically called “shield” for short. That means that all Protoss units don’t have just HP, but also have a shield. Shields are additional health pools that are drained as a priority over health.

As a unit takes damage, its shields will decrease as if it were health. A unit will not begin to take life damage until the shields are completely drained. Some units have very low shield pools like, for example, Zealot. Archon units have almost no HP and high shield value.

Protoss vs Zerg in Starcraft 2
Protoss vs Zerg in Starcraft 2

Once the Warp Gate technology has been acquired, some units can be constructed in just five seconds anywhere on the map that has a power source. After warping in the units, the Warp Gates go on a cooldown before they can warp in more units, but the units they warp in are available even while the cooldown is still underway. This allows the Protoss to start constructing Gateway units and use them in battle just a few seconds later.


What’s so special about this faction, is that players can be both aggressive, passive and economic. Most top tier players opt for one of three major gameplans:

  • Early Rush
  • Mid-Game two base timing attack
  • Late game “DeathBall”

Early rushes are very common against Terran and Protoss, and they take advantage of a Stalker or two, and other Gateway units. Oracles work well versus Terran players as well.

Two-base timing attacks tend to involve a quick expansion into a pre-ordained attack using a large number of Gateway units (with upgrades). The support of a single high tier technology path may be involved. The units top players use for these timing attacks are usually Immortals, Archons, or Void Rays.

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