Micro (micromanagement) in Starcraft 2

Micromanagement (or just micro for short) is how you control the units on the map. It includes all the commands you give to your units, their movements, attacks, abilities, positions, splits, etc. When done correctly, it can turn the tide of any game of Starcraft.

Worker Micro

Every race uses similar micro tactics for their armies, but especially their workers. Workers are the backbone of any race and thus are very important to be kept alive and mining.

Worker Phasing – When a worker is blocked from his path or can’t move at all (eg. Surrounded) a simple trick is to have the worker phase through the offending unit. To do this, select your worker and right click on a mineral patch that is passed the unit you are trying to phase through. This will make the worker attempt to mine that patch, thus passing through the whatever is blocking its path. 

Micro in Starcraft 2
Microing in Starcraft 2

Let’s face it. The only reason you tap rapidly on your keyboard at the beginning is to spam. (Okay, some like to warm-up, but whatever) Let’s put that spam to good use.
Your mineral line contains eight patches, in a usually staggered formation. That means some patches will obviously be further away than others, what you want to do is to keep your workers on the CLOSEST patches possible to your main structure.  If done correctly, you will eventually have at least 2 miners per patch while prioritizing closer patches. This trick will raise your early mining potential by a little bit, allowing you to shave 1-3 seconds off a build order. In the game of Starcraft, EVERY SECOND COUNTS!

Terran Micro

Terran Micro is often touted as the hardest of the three races, but the reason for that is the fact that they have the hardest to make army during a difficult battle. A Zerg can select all his hatcheries and quickly make all the units he needs, while a Protoss can instantly add on some units through the use of warpgates due to them being queued up instantly, essentially automatically building Zealots or Stalkers.

For example, as a Terran player you must constantly split your marines so you avoid splash damage. With the use of Siege Tanks, you can slowly inch your way towards your opponent while staying at a safe position.

Protoss Micro

Unlike Terran, Protoss doed not use as many army movements during battle – Protoss micro is all about proper positioning beforehand and the perfect usage of their vast array of spells. If these are done perfectly, the Protoss have the most cost-effective army in the game.

Example – Blink Stalker Micro. “Blink Back” is a technique used by many Protoss players. What this does, is keeps your Stalkers alive by consistently blinking them backwards and forwards, avoiding larger amounts of damage.

Zerg Micro

Many people say that Zerg micro is “Non-Existent”. The people that say this are the people who also blame their losses on lag or luck. Zerg has micro, and when their units are used to full capacity – their units can be scary.

For example, there’s a micro called “Zergling Surround”. Zerglings are one of the fastest units in the game, but are also melee, which makes them harder to micro. The basic of this tactic is to surround the enemy forces with Zerglings by passing through them and standing behind them.

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