Combat guide for EVE Online

This is a guide for players that have completed the introductory mission tutorial but have not yet done any real combat. To be plain, combat in EVE Online is not simple, and there’s no way around that. But I will do my best to explain the basics of it.

Preparation for combat

Master EVE Online players know their ship’s abilities and capabilities, they know how to combine the ship’s weapons with gear. They also know enemy ship’s and their capabilities, and whether or not to engage at any given time.

First, you will need a few things:

  • A ship (obviously)
  • Weapons and ammunition for the ship
  • Certain gear and weapons to improve your combat abilities
  • Skills to put that gear and weapons to good use

You will also need to pick a ship that works best for you and has decent stats for combat. There are a lot of ships to choose from, and you will, with time, learn which ship is best for which type of combat. But for now, don’t worry about that, just buy a ship that works and good insurance with it.

Combat in EVE Online
Combat in EVE Online

Here are 4 ships, one for each faction. You will need the Faction Frigate skill at level 1, which you should have trained while doing the tutorial.

  • Atron (Gallente) – fast, low defense
  • Rifter (Minmitar) – balanced, has missiles
  • Kestrel (Caldari) – slow, long range, best shields
  • Punisher (Amarr) – doesn’t need ammo for lasers, best armor

Gear and Weapons

Now that you have your ship, it’s time to equip it with weapons and gear. Weapons come first, of course, but you will also need items for defense such as shield extenders or armor plating. You can buy all of these items in the Regional Market. Each time you install a new piece of gear, the “CPU” and “Powergrid” meters changes values. That means that each piece of gear uses a set amount of power or CPU capacity.

Combat itself

To practice for combat, I recommend starting up a Level 1 Security Mission. You can find these missions at NeoCom > Agent Finder. Pick a location of an Agent and start up a mission.

To fire at an enemy, simply click the Locked Target Display and select your weapon. Then, when the firing starts, an icon of your weapon will appear below the locked target. As your strike hits, the white ring around the target will turn red, showing that the shields, armor, and enemy are being destroyed respectively.

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