Ultimate Guide to RS3 to OSRS Gold Swap

Runescape 3 and Oldschool aka OSRS are two different versions of Runescape MMORPG. OSRS is a rolled back version that provides the gameplay of the game like it was in 2007 with few updates that were carried out overtime and on the other hand, RS3 is the latest version which started in 2001 and is being updated regularly with new content and stuff.

What is RS3 to OSRS Swapping?

RS3 to OSRS Gold Exchange enables a RS player to swap their RS3 gold to OSRS and vice versa which makes the game play alot easier than making money on both the versions. Which means you have to spend double the time and sometimes even more than double since OSRS is slower in terms of generating GP. In order to provide the players to switch between both servers, Jagex has allowed the players to swap their gold in between OSRS and RS3.

How to Swap RS3 and OSRS GP?

The swapping and exchange of GP in between OSRS/RS3 involves trust trades solely. There is no automatic mechanism provided by Jagex to switch in between servers. Well, you must be wondering then how do you swap? It is done with the help of a swapping agent which are operating different clans in game or websites through live-chats. The RS3 to OSRS Gold Swap With my personal experience, the safest way to swap is through a trust worthy website that offers Runescape Gold Swapping; One of the swapping website I trust myself is ZedRS ( ) . ZedRS is the oldest rs gold exchange website which started operations in 2013 when Oldschool was released. Since that day, they have been on 24/7/365 without any negative feedback or comment. Seems unrealistic? It might sound like that but the truth is that they have never ever had any allegation of any ambiguity.

How do you determine swap rates?

Swap rates also known as exchange rates are determined through basic economics law; demand and supply. The more demand there is, the higher price it will be. Same principle is applied in Runescape. For example, if there is a higher demand for RS3 gold (happens mostly around double xp weekends) , the lower rate it will be compared to OSRS. The swap rates are somehow dependent on bond prices on both games too. But we had a talk with the founder of ZedRS, and he told us that the swap rates are solely dependent on demand and supply rather than anything else.

How to be safe during a swap?

First of all, inner satisfaction is most important. Make sure you check thoroughly about the reputation of the website you are swapping at. This can be done easily just by typing their name in the Google Search and going through the links. Then once you are on the website, go through different pages and check if they look professional or sketchy. This can be easily caught.

Secondly, whenever you are doing large amounts of swap at a new place, make sure you do it in increments rather than doing it all at once, If the swapper forces you to do it all in one, that is the time to STEP BACK. If anyone is legit, they will never force you to trade all the gold in one trade. COMMON SENSE.

Galaxy Wars Recommendation: Editors’ Choice

We have personally tried numerous swapping websites, some gave us rip off rates, few of them scammed even few millions and so on. The experience was like a bumpy road. Out of all, our personal recommendation is ZedRS. They had the best customer service, super friendly and cooperative. They had no issues in doing 10m increments even. This proves how legit they were with their customers. Secondly, you can get better rates by just posting on their RS Gold Swap Reddit.
Moreover, ZedRS provides unbeatable rates and rs3 to osrs gold swap service. Our only go to swapping site is Zedrs only. They also offer maxed main rentals for OSRS .

Happy Scaping!

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