Space Pirates and Zombies, indie RTS game

Space Pirates and Zombies is a real-time strategy game that features a top-down perspective based around space combat and resource management. The game was developed by a two-man team MinMax Games, using Torque Engine.


Space Pirates and Zombies combines top-down shooter elements with role-playing and RTS gameplay mechanics in a futuristic space setting. The game also integrates large-scale randomly generated galaxies the player can explore.

You command a fleet of ships, and may also control any one of their ships individually or simultaneously. The galaxy is divided into systems, each of which contains a star and a set number of planets. You can warp to any of these planets via an in-game map. These areas contain stations where you can trade, accept missions or where sieges may occur. Your standing with the faction affects what services the station will provide for you.

Combat in Space Pirates and Zombies

When you control the craft, you can fire the main weapons, alternative weapons such as missiles or you can launch a pod filled with marines. The view of the whole game world can be scrolled in our out, which means you can spot planets and systems that are far away at any time.

Space Pirates and Zombies Gameplay
Space Pirates and Zombies Gameplay

Combat involves positioning your ship to hit the enemy with your main weapons while also evading incoming attacks. In addition, during combat, you can deploy marine pods and use secondary weapons to effectively deal more damage. Each ship has different shields, armor and hull types. Each ship has its different strengths and weaknesses. However, each craft is designed to counter a specific type of ship.

Three types of resources are available in-game:

  • Rez
  • Goons
  • Data

Rez is the material mined from asteroids, which you can use to build ships and develop technology. Goons are crew members found in escape pods or bought from colonized worlds. Data is gathered technology and is the basis for the game’s experience system. The more enemies you destroy and complete quests, the more Data is rewarded to you.


Humanity has expanded into distant galaxies after the discovery of Element 126, known as Rez, which enabled matter replication technology (cloning), advanced AI and faster than light travel. With more of Element 126 found near the galactic core, Earth became a part of a neglected backwater. A militaristic police force called the United Terran Alliance (UTA) began to police access to warp gates. With humanity living in decaying remnants of Earth, the civilian population rose up against the United Terran Alliance.

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