Gearing up fast in World of Warcraft

After days and days of grinding, you’ve finally hit max level in World of Warcraft and now you’re ready to jump into the endgame, but you need to obtain some gear first. Maybe your guild is saving a spot for you in the raid team and you need to join them as fast as possible, but you have no idea how to get geared up fast? Well, worry not, I’m going to help you gear up your character within days and be well prepared for raiding.

Crafted Gear

The first thing you should do when you hit level 120, is to visit your capital city’s Auction House and search for some crafted gear. Usually, this gear will be pretty high item level and cheap enough for you to buy with the gold you’ve earned during leveling. Go ahead and buy a Darkmoon Deck trinket (355ilvl) since those trinkets are pretty cheap but provide a significant increase in your average item level. You should focus on buying crafted bracers, legs, hands, feet, and cloak, as they are the cheapest.


If you’re lucky and you’ve hit max level on the timewalking event week, you’ll manage to gear up even faster. The weekly timewalking quest rewards you with the heroic-level item from the current raid. The quests requires you to clear 5 timewalking dungeons, which can be done in a matter of hours. Also, timewalking rewards some pretty sweet high item level items which you can use until you obtain better ones. In addition, you will receive a quest item at the end of your first timewalking dungeon, which you need to turn in to a vendor and you’ll be rewarded with 500 Timewalking Badges. You can spend these badges at the same vendor and buy decent items as well.

World Bosses

Go to your faction’s capital (Boralus for Alliance and Dazar’alor for Horde) and visit the bonus roll token vendor. You should spend your War Resources or Marks of Honor to buy 2 bonus roll tokens. Next, visit whichever Warfront is up at that time and kill the World Boss and use the bonus roll token. These bosses reward either 370ilvl or 400ilvl gear, so that will provide you with a nice kickstart.

Farm Mythic+

In the end, the best option you have in gearing up fast is buying a WoW Mythic Carry service. However, if you’re still not high enough item level to join a Mythic+, you can always opt for a WoW Mythic Carry or even WoW Gear Boost by BoostArmory.

You can just skip that initial gearing up and jump straight into the latest raid with BoostArmory’s services!

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